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Carlos Scheel Mayenberger (2000)
systemic thinking information and communication technologies
technological innovation strategies

Dr. Scheel is professor emeritus at Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM). He has been with ITESM since 1973. He is currently director of the research chair Sustainable Wealth Creation by Innovation and Technology and a professor in the EGADE Business School, and former director of the Graduate School of Digital Technologies (1985-2001) of ITESM. Since 1986, he has been an international consultant for technical cooperation in technological development and industrial policy at UNIDO as well as several projects sponsored by PNUD, USAID, World Bank, IDB (BID) and other regional agencies in several countries. He developed the approach Compstrac© (2003) for the implementation of national strategies and industrial policies for clustering and assembling regional poles of innovation of SMEs and regional stakeholders, as well as technology-based entrepreneurship networks. This approach has been applied in the development of industrial clusters in more than 20 projects in Argentina, the Republic of Armenia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, and Mexico, as well as in New Zealand—in diverse industrial sectors. He is currently working on a framework (SWIT Model: Sustainable Wealth creation based on Innovation and enabling Technologies) designed from a systemic perspective for wealth creation for regions with scarce resources, hostile conditions, and poor associative characteristics, that need to compete in world class environments. The SWIT is an industrial ecology circular economy system that delivers the infrastructure, practices, and dynamics among all stakeholders for sustainable wealth generation from a regional holistic approach—transforming residues and waste into valuable resources that are economically competitive, socially beneficial, and highly regenerative of natural resources. The SWIT concepts and practices of regional innovation systems, industrial ecology systems, technology based entrepreneurs and systemic innovation for viable regional sustainability have been applied in more than 30 international projects. Professor Scheel has been a visiting professor and researcher for several institutions in Central and South America, the United States, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, India, and New Zealand (during sabbatical periods). He is an author and/or co-author of more than 50 papers published in technical magazines and/or international refereed reports; and he has written 12 books in diverse areas of innovation and technology.

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