The Extraordinary Think And Do (TANDO) Tank
Who We Are
The original Global Fellows include Nobel Laureates and winners of the Von Neumann and Kondratieff Medals. They are the hand-picked advisors of the late pioneering techno-billionaire, legendary business dean and National Medal of Technology winner George Kozmetsky. With their areas of expertise ranging from poverty alleviation, women’s rights and opportunities, to technology entrepreneurship and space exploration, TANDO Global Fellows open new avenues for thinking about global problems, evaluating promising technologies, and assessing market opportunities, connecting these to advance the public good.
Our Mission

TANDO identifies new scientific and technological advances that hold the most potential for social benefit and accelerates their valorization through commercial, government, and NGO channels.

TANDO cooperates with
Global Fellows
The Global Fellows have generated scores of new companies, influenced legislation, and advised entrepreneurs and political leaders. Instrumental in Austin’s transformation to a premier techno-hub, the Fellows continue to address issues of importance to cities, states, nations, and the world. TANDO Global Fellows open new avenues of thinking about global problems, evaluate promising technologies, and assess market opportunities, connecting these to advance the public good.

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Recognizing the truly extraordinary resource the Global Fellows represent, and valuing their collaborations, more than seventy-five of the Fellows have determined to preserve and update GK’s vision. Since our founder’s passing, the Global Fellows continue to appoint outstanding new members. The seventy-five innovators in:
Space exploration
Telecomm and media
New economics
Robotics and A.I.
Poverty alleviation
Health care
Women’s rights and opportunities
Collaborate to structure new knowledge areas, and attack complex social, technical and environmental problems
International relations and trade, seek joint opportunities to contribute further in these areas.
Technology entrepreneurship
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