The Extraordinary Think And Do (TANDO) Tank
Sharif Uddin Ahmed Rana
Dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge, mentorship, and human success. I develop my expertise based on sustainable people, projects, and policy analyst. Working with diverse youth populations; developing optimal educational practices.
Current research interests include the integrated world of Sustainable Development Goals, Education, and Entrepreneurship, people and project management, impact investment.


CEO of Way Group – Global Talent Business Incubation and Research Centre, rich experience spanning education, research, and consultancy. Expertise lies in cultivating and disseminating knowledge, fostering mentorship, and driving human success across strategic domains such as entrepreneurship, innovation, and artificial intelligence.
Currently serve as an adjunct professor at IUEE University and ICARUS AI E-Learning, guiding both undergraduate and graduate students.
The Way Group, a premier institution offering comprehensive research, training, and consulting services centered around talent management, human capital, and sustainable development.

Recognized with various accolades and certifications within my field, I have collaborated with diverse research agencies, corporations, and institutions as an independent researcher and development consultant.
Mission is to equip individuals and organizations with the requisite skills, tools, and strategies to not just adapt but thrive in an era defined by the integration of data and AI.

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