The Extraordinary Think And Do (TANDO) Tank
TANDO Global Fellows represent an extraordinary resource. Their collaborations open new avenues of thinking about global problems, evaluate promising technologies, and assess market opportunities, connecting these to advance the public good.
Consultative Status at the United Nations

We have been invited to consider ECOSOC special consultative status through The Geneva Consensus Foundation, thanks to Fellow Ruzanna Tarverdyan, President and CEO.   Fellows will have the right to access to most UN meetings with the right of written and oral contributions.

World Scientific’s TANDO Institute Book Series on Technology and Society

TANDO Institute is working diligently on this book series for World Scientific.  The editorial board are Fellows Raj Srivastava, Bill Barnett, Samia El-Badry, and Fred Phillips. The series editor is Fellow Ruzanna Tarverdyan.

Gaiapolis Conversations

Learn about the latest conversations regarding Gaiapolis.

Gaiapolis Project- An Overview

Leading cities of the future (and their hinterlands) will balance bio-innvovation, human-centeredness, and intense focus on environmental regeneration.

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