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TANDO Fellows connect difficult problems with technological solutions and markets. Leading-edge science. Technology development. Productization. Commercialization. Marketing. TANDO’s unique expertise spans the innovation chain.
Who We Are
The original Global Fellows include Nobel Laureates and winners of the Von Neumann and Kondratieff Medals. They are the hand-picked advisors of the late pioneering techno-billionaire, legendary business dean and National Medal of Technology winner George Kozmetsky. With their areas of expertise ranging from poverty alleviation, women’s rights and opportunities, to technology entrepreneurship and space exploration, TANDO Global Fellows open new avenues for thinking about global problems, evaluating promising technologies, and assessing market opportunities, connecting these to advance the public good.
Our Mission

TANDO identifies new scientific and technological advances that hold the most potential for social benefit and accelerates their valorization through commercial, government, and NGO channels.

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Fellow Spotlight

The Global Fellows have generated scores of new companies, influenced legislation, and advised entrepreneurs and political leaders. Instrumental in Austin’s transformation to a premier techno-hub, the Fellows continue to address issues of importance to cities, states, nations, and the world.

TANDO Global Fellows open new avenues of thinking about global problems, evaluate promising technologies, and assess market opportunities, connecting these to advance the public good.

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Fellow Spotlight

Ruzanna Tarverdyan

international economics, sustainable development

Our Projects
TANDO Global Fellows represent an extraordinary resource. Their collaborations open new avenues of thinking about global and local problems, evaluate promising technologies, and assess market opportunities, connecting these to advance the public good.
Gaiapolis Project- An Overview
Leading cities of the future (and their hinterlands) will balance bio-innvovation, human-centeredness, and intense focus on environmental regeneration.
World Scientific's TANDO Institute Book Series on Technology and Society
TANDO Institute is working diligently on this book series for World Scientific.  The editorial board are Fellows Raj Srivastava, Bill Barnett, Samia El-Badry, and Fred Phillips. The series editor is Fellow Ruzanna Tarverdyan.
Consultative Status at the United Nations
Books & Publications
Liquid crystal
Mesomorphic compounds
Mesógenos basados en bases Schiff: Una introducción (Spanish Edition)
Campaign implementation
Digital marketing
Marketing strategies
Online channels
Digital Marketing DIY SOP KIT: Standard Operating Procedures for Digital Marketing
Business strategy
Cross-cultural challenges
Commercializing High Technology: East and West
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Partnerships and MOUs
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Cooperative Arrangements With These Organizations

TANDO enjoys MOUs with these organizations that complement our capabilities and help advance our mission. We welcome inquiries from additional potential partners.

Mar 30, 2024
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TANDO Appoints New Fellows

New Fellows balance our global geographic reach and our demographic, scholarly, and professional diversity. All Fellows have interdisciplinary interests, and subscribe to TANDO’s mission.

Mar 30, 2024
Talks and Discussions
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Join Us For Our Monthly Videocasts

On varied topics relating to our mission, these ‘casts reach a worldwide appreciative audience. Past ‘casts are archived on YouTube.

Mar 30, 2024

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