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Mark Eaton (1988)
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Mark Eaton is ​president and ​CEO of ​Stellarray Inc.,​ a company he ​founded in 2008 ​as a spin-off ​of Stellar ​Micro Devices (​SMD). ​Stellarray ​develops and ​manufactures ​flat panel ​radiation ​sources and ​systems, using ​them to solve ​important ​problems in ​irradiation and ​imaging. The ​first branded ​product is a ​self-contained ​blood ​irradiator (​SCBI) which ​uses the ​company’s ​proprietary ​flat panel x-​ray sources (​FPXS) to ensure ​the safety of ​transfusion ​blood supplies. ​Stellarray’​s digitally ​addressable ​“​smart” x-​ray sources ​enable CT ​systems with no ​moving parts ​for improved ​medical and ​industrial ​imaging at ​drastically ​lower radiation ​doses. Systems ​currently under ​development ​include a more ​accurate ​digital ​mammography ​system, a field ​portable CT ​system for ​military and ​emerging market ​use, and ​parallel ​imaging sources ​for phase ​contrast ​imaging and ​dose reduction. ​

Mr. Eaton ​previously ​built SMD into ​a successful ​R&D firm in the ​area of vacuum ​microelectronics,​ with ​accomplishments ​in microwave ​devices, 3D ​displays and ​vacuum ​transistors. ​Before founding ​SMD he was vice ​president for ​strategy and ​development at ​the Microelectronics ​and Computer ​Technology ​Corporation (​MCC), a ​consortium of ​US technology ​companies, ​following which ​he assisted ​several MCC ​members and ​spin-offs in ​business ​development, ​technology ​licensing, and ​strategic ​alliances. ​

Mr. Eaton was ​previously vice ​consul for ​economic and ​technology ​affairs at the ​US Consulate in ​Osaka-Kobe, ​Japan. He has ​served as an ​advisor to the ​US Defense ​Manufacturing ​Board and ​Congressional ​Office of ​Technology ​Assessment. ​

Mr. Eaton was ​educated at the ​Johns Hopkins ​University (BA, ​with general ​and departmental ​honors, 1977), ​the Johns ​Hopkins School ​of Advanced ​International ​Studies (MA, ​with distinction,​ 1980) and ​Harvard ​Business School ​(program for ​Management ​Development, ​1990). He has ​written on ​Japanese ​industrial ​policy, ​technology ​forecasting, ​and the use of ​strategic ​alliances in ​technology ​development. Mr.​ Eaton is named ​as inventor for ​five issued US ​patents and ​several patents ​pending.​

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