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The Gaiapolis Strategy: Designing Bionic Cities For Pandemic, Energy and Climate Resilience in the Coming Bio Renaissance
Publication date June 23, 2022
About the Author

Cities are the untapped opportunities to save our planet from climate disasters. As energy buyers, they consume 80% of energy and emit 70% of carbon, so we will win or lose the carbon battle in the cities. But how can cities succeed? "The Gaiapolis Strategy" provides a global framework for global collaboration and an 8-year roadmap in three phases for achieving our 2030 climate goals. Implemented locally, the strategy involves establishing biohubs to address pandemics, climate change and new job creation in the emerging bioindustries. The 2030 goal is bionic cities combining natural processes, biomedicine and smart cities where cities design with nature, not over it.The world has a decade to get it right. Beyond 2030, it’s runaway global warming so rapid action is crucial. With the Gaiapolis Strategy, cities can become climate leaders, not just bystanders, in the most important existential threat facing us in history Read more

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