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Global Perspectives on Technology Transfer and Commercialization: Building Innovative Ecosystems
Publication date May 31, 2011
About the Author

As we move further into the 21st century, increasing emphasis is being placed on the importance of technology transfer. Through new research and practices, scholars, practitioners and policymakers have made great strides in broadening our understanding and ability to implement technology transfer and commercialization processes. The fruit of that research is collected in this timely volume. Technology transfer is a dynamic area of study that examines traditional topics such as intellectual property management, the management of risk, market identification, the role of public and private labs, and the role of universities. This volume reflects on how government, business and academia influence technology transfer in different countries and how the infrastructure of a country enhances technology and contributes to each country’s overall economy. Interpreting and adopting the processes of technology transfer and commercialization – or, building innovative ecosystems – is critical to seeing success in this digital age. Those leading the surge toward building innovative ecosystems for technology transfer are the fellows of the Institute for Innovation Creativity and Capital (IC2 Institute) at The University of Texas at Austin. Global in its scope of solving market economy problems, for this volume the Institute has focused its lens on accelerated knowledge-based development. Here, scholars from 13 countries come together to critique technology transfer from each of their respective nations. The results of their contributions lend innovative insight to exactly how different nations are working to maximize technology transfer and commercialization in uncertain times. Those with an interest in commercialization and technology transfer, from students to scholars, practitioners to policymakers, will find this important collection of great value.Contributors: J.P. Ávila, M. Bravo, J.S. Butler, J. Camilleri, C.P. Carbonara, A. Caruana, U. De Haan, M. Fukushima, K. Gachigi, D.V. Gibson, B. Golany, P.G. Greene, M. Heitor, R. Hodgson, B.-J. Kang, C.M. Kiamba, M.F. Korpi, P. Kukubo, M. LeGare, D.-S. Oh, M.P. Rice, N. Rogalev, D. Trzmielak, L. Xue, L. Zhou Read more

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