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Principles of Communication Systems Simulation with Wireless Applications by William H. Tranter (2004-01-09)
by Theodore Rappaport (Theodore Rappaport)
Publication date January 9, 2004
About the Author

The hands-on, example-rich guide to modeling and simulating advanced communications systems.Simulation is an important tool used by engineers to design and implement advanced communication systems that deliver optimal performance. This book is a hands-on, example-rich guide to modeling and simulating advanced communications systems. The authors take a systems-level approach, integrating digital communications, channel modeling, coding, elementary statistical estimation techniques, and other essential facets of modeling and simulation. This is the first book to present complete simulation models built with MATLAB that can serve as virtual laboratories for predicting the impact of system design changes. Coverage Role of simulation in communication systems engineering Simulation approaches and methodologies Signal and system representations, filter models, noise generation, Monte Carlo simulation, and postprocessing Advanced techniques for modeling and simulating nonlinear and time-varying systems Waveform level and discrete channel models Performance estimation via Monte Carlo simulation Semianalytic simulation techniques Variance reduction techniques Co-channel interference in wireless communication systems, and more The authors also present detailed case studies covering phase-locked loops, CDMA systems, multichannel nonlinear systems, as well as a start-to-finish simulation of an advanced cellular radio system.Prentice Hall Series in Communications Engineering & Emerging Technologies, Theodore S. Rappaport, Editor Read more

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