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Gaiapolis Project- An Overview

Leading cities of the future (and their hinterlands) will balance bio-innvovation, human-centeredness, and intense focus on environmental regeneration.


Gaiapolis: A biocity that integrates climate action, healthcare and advanced, green technologies through bottom-up grassroots initiatives and top-down PPPs, to promote nature, people, and evolutionary values, addressing our current existential challenges.

TANDO Fellow Sheridan Tatsuno’s The Gaiapolis Strategy convinces us that “Gaiapolis” should now replace “Technopolis” as a design for evolving cities.

Technopolis: A metro area oriented to hi-tech and knowledge-based economic development. TANDO Fellows (former IC2 Fellows) published nearly all early technopolis literature, and trained hundreds of aspiring regions since the 1980s.
By 2023, there are scores of successful sci/tech cities, and 6,000 journal articles on “innovation ecosystems.”

TANDO Institute now promotes and trains in Gaiapolis-building, in locales around the world.  If you would like to know more, please contact TANDO Institute.

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