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Sheridan M. Tatsuno (1987)
high-tech market research and breakthrough strategies
serial entrepreneur
social media
urban planning

Sheridan Tatsuno has 35 years of business experience in three fields: urban planning (1976 to 1982), high-tech corporate strategy and start-ups (1983 to present), and media and film (1980 to present). In 2015, he co-launched his tenth tech start-up, One Reality AB, a virtual reality (VR) service for planning and designing smart sustainable cities and human cells. With offices in Malmo, Stockholm and San Francisco, One Reality is now going global with partners in Japan, Asia, Africa, Mideast and Latin America. Mr. Tatsuno has also co-launched his ninth startup,, which aims to create export jobs and help orphans in Greece. Previously, he has held a variety of positions. At Bechtel Corporation, he developed community plans for a Venezuelan oil sands project and was loan administrator on an Egyptian gas-fired power plant. At Dataquest during the 1980s, he co-launched the Japanese and Asian electronics market research services, where he advised over 400 semiconductor companies, venture capitalists, and government promotion agencies. At Stanford, he served as industry liaison manager for the United States/Japan Technology Management Center. Since 1989, he has provided market research and breakthrough strategies for major US, European, Japanese, and Asian companies, and government electronics ministries. Since 2000, he has co-founded nine start-up companies in Silicon Valley, raising over $10 million. Mr. Tatsuno received his BA in urban studies at Yale University and his master degree in urban planning and public policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. In addition, he has written two business books, The Technopolis Strategy and Created in Japan, which were produced for United States and British television. His passion is screenwriting and filmmaking, and is preparing a movie project with Italy based on his screenplay, Valentine. Mr. Tatsuno is active in social media and curates Silicon Valley Global Network (25,000+ members globally), Mediterranean Venture Network, Zorba the Entrepreneur, and San Francisco Rocks, on Facebook to promote entrepreneurship among millennials. He mentors entrepreneurs at the San Francisco Startup Showcase, which holds monthly pitch sessions.

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