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Rodrigo Varela (2000)
engineering economy
entrepreneurship education
mathematical modeling
project evaluation

Rodrigo Varela is the founder and director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Development at Universidad Icesi. He is a full professor at Universidad Icesi, and a distinguished retired professor at Universidad del Valle He is the founder and director of the Latin American Conference on Entrepreneurship. He is a member of ICSB, WUSME, ASEE and many Colombian associations. He has been a member of the editorial boards of Journal of World Business, Revue Internationale PME, Journal of Entrepreneurship, Journal of Small Business Management, FUTA, and several Latin American Journals. He is a fellow of the Salzburg Seminar. He was, twice, member of the board of directors of ICSB and was vice president of WUSME. He was associate dean for academic affairs for the engineering school and founder of the industrial engineering program at the Universidad del Valle. He has served as technical advisor to UNIDO-UNDP in Honduras and in the Dominican Republic and has been a consultant to several universities and organizations in Colombia and in several Latin American countries. He has published extensively in the areas of: entrepreneurship, small business management, engineering economy, project evaluation, project management, and education. The books “Evaluación Económica de Proyectos de Inversión” and “Innovación Empresarial: Arte y Ciencia en la Creación de Empresas” are textbooks in many Latin American universities. He has received many distinctions, including Distinguished Professor from the Universidad del Valle; Educational Merit from the Sociedad Colombiana de Ingenieros Industriales y Administrativos; Best University Professor in Business and Engineering in Colombia from Portafolio; Top Executive from Revista Dinero; Premio Colombia a la Cultura Empresarial: Categoría Autores from the Colombian Government; White L. Wilford Fellow from ICSB; Best Professor from Universidad Icesi; 2010 Global Entrepreneurship Education Award from  USASBE; Distinción Especial a Institución Académica from ACOPI; Líder Académico from ITESM Campus Guadalajara; and Académico Distinguido en Entrepreneurship from  Universidad del Pacífico. He holds a BS in chemical engineering from the Universidad del Valle, and an M.Eng. and a Ph.D. in chemical and petroleum refining engineering from Colorado School of Mines.

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