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Robert Hodgson (2000)
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innovation finance
institutional strategy and management
science & technology policy
technology commercialization

Bob Hodgson is ​the managing ​director of ​Zernike (UK). ​He has over ​twenty years of ​international ​business ​experience. ​Prior to the ​launching of ​Zernike (UK), ​Bob was for 14 ​years an ​executive ​director of SQW ​Ltd., which is ​best known for ​its path-​breaking study ​The Cambridge ​Phenomenon, ​published in ​1983 and ​recently ​updated with an ​analysis of the ​position among ​high tech firms ​in the ​Cambridge ​region in 1999. ​Bob remains on ​the board of ​SQW as a non-​executive ​director. ​

He is a non-​executive ​director of ​Emerging Market ​Economics, a ​specialist ​economics ​consultancy ​offering ​services to the ​private sector ​and international ​financial ​institutions ​interested in ​emerging ​markets. Prior ​to his time ​with SQW, he ​spent 8 years ​with the ​consultancy ​side of Coopers ​& Lybrand, ​working ​internationally ​from a London ​base.

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