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Nikhil Agarwal
strategic management

Nikhil Agarwal is currently working as CEO FIRST at IIT Kanpur. “Foundation for Innovation & Research in Science & Technology” is responsible for incubation and innovation at IIT-Kanpur.

He is the ​former CEO, ​Innovation ​Society, ​Government of ​Andhra Pradesh. ​The role of the ​innovation ​society is to ​kickstart the ​innovation ​agenda and ​promote ​entrepreneurship ​in the sunrise ​state of India. ​

Dr Agarwal ​has founded ​businesses and ​advised firms ​on strategic ​matters in last ​20 years of his ​career. He has ​worked with ​global ​multinationals ​like Cadbury’​s and Zensar (​RPG Group). He ​has lectured at ​leading global ​universities ​like Virginia ​Tech, ​University of ​Bradford, ​University of ​Edinburgh and ​University of ​Cambridge in ​visiting ​capacity. His ​interviews and ​work has been ​extensively ​covered in ​international ​media including ​HBR, Forbes, ​CNN Money, BBC ​Radio, The New ​York Times to ​name a few. ​

He has served ​on many ​international ​think-tanks and ​hold leadership ​positions in ​global ​organisations. ​He has served ​as high-level-​advisor to ​United Nations ​Global Alliance ​on ICT & ​Development (​UNGAID) between ​2008-12; board ​member at World-​Entrepreneurship-​Forum and Open ​Mind Foundation ​respectively. ​He was the ​first Asian to ​be elected as ​Co-Chair of ​prestigious ​Internet ​Society ​Advisory ​Council (ISOC-​AC) for 2008-10.​ In 2017, he ​was nominated ​as Fellow of ​IC2 Institute, ​University of ​Texas at Austin.​

Professor ​Agarwal has ​traveled ​extensively ​around the ​world and ​worked with ​global ​institutions, ​corporations ​and multinationals.​ He has ​published over ​40 research ​papers, ​conference ​publications ​and articles in ​top journals. ​He writes his ​column “​Snake ​Charmer” ​in Times of ​India (TOI) and ​Economic Times (​ET). TOI is the ​largest English ​newspaper in ​the world by ​circulation. He ​founded ​EntrepreneurCafe.​org one of the ​world’s ​largest ​entrepreneurship ​networks. ​

Dr Nikhil ​Agarwal is ​alumnus of ​University of ​Cambridge and ​University of ​Edinburgh in ​the United ​Kingdom.​

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