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Mick Millington (2001)
business development
organizational management
technology incubation

Mick Millington is managing director for MilTech Services Pty. Ltd. He has been active in business on the Sunshine Coast and SE Queensland in general consulting in a diverse range of industries including defense, R&D, business development, project and organizational management, quality management/quality control, contractor management, contract negotiation, and manufacturing. Mick was manager of Connexion by Boeing, South-East Asia (a broadband mobile internet system) and administered the functions within Boeing Australia where he managed the force structure priorities work and actively interacted with the vice chief of the defense force and chief of the navy, chief of the army, chief of the air force, and heads of most defense operational divisions. He was principal scientist for Boeing Australia working with central engineering and commercial information systems. Previously Mick was engineering manager for Jupiter’s Technology and managed all the departments’ administration functions. He was quality manager for CelsiusTech where he managed his department and served as senior management. He managed several major projects at Computer Sciences and was responsible for all project administration functions. Mick was deputy director support for a large defense organization and was responsible for the whole administrative function including HR, finance, and all support staff. Mick was the Noosa Council technology representative and a director of the Sunshine Coast Economic Development board. He is chairman of the Noosa Regional Science and Technology Precinct study team and worked with the Maroochy Council task force examining science and technology opportunities in the region with consideration to sustainable and ecological economic development both in the technology and non-technology fields. He chaired and presented to the Canegrowers Association in relation to new industries for cane land. Under a Queensland government contract Mick developed an aquaculture feasibility study that was the basis of the existing state government policy for an aquaculture industry. He is a qualified ISO9000 internal auditor. Mick is author of 24 research papers and reports. Mick holds an MBA from Deakin University and a PhD in engineering from the University of NSW. Mick qualified as a lawyer with a Juris Doctor degree in October 2016 with an interest in environment and property law.

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