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Lynne Schneider (2000)
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Lynne M. Schneider is CEO and president of Entovation International LTD, a global networking organization to promote innovation. She is also currently on active duty with the US Army Reserve at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, serving as special assistant for stability operations with the Office of the Chief Army Reserve, at the Public Private Partnerships Office, Fort Belvoir. She has more than 28 years of defense-related experience and recently worked with IBM as a strategy consultant in its Global Business Services Division. She has worked on the development of the Strategic Level Enterprise Model, DoD Strategic Plan, Core Processes, and the Defense Enterprise Planning and Management Framework. She is co-author of five books, including Non-traditional Warfare: 21st Century Threats and Responses; Knowledge Economics; and Business Process Engineering: Advancing the State of the Art as well as numerous articles. She served as the deputy director for the Defense Business Board during the Bush Administration. The board provided advice to the Secretary of Defense on best practices and alternative solutions on topics of interest and critical business management issues. She has served three tours in Iraq, first with responsibility as a civil affairs team leader in Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Her second tour placed her at the planning helm for the economic and non-kinetic planning team for the Surge in Baghdad. The final tour was as DoD civilian as the economic advisor to the commanding general for the southern half of Iraq. She was appointed in September 2003 as the president of the Colorado Chapter of the US Women’s Chamber of Commerce while working at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Ms. Schneider also serves on the board of directors for the Orphan Foundation of America and the Women In Defense Outreach to Women In Iraq Initiative.

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