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Len Denton

Len Denton is the founder and Principal Partner at India Innovation Partners. He is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic innovation programs that connect business ideas with marketplace problems that result in economic growth.  Len has developed and led innovation and technology commercialization programs in India, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, and South Korea.

Len joined the IC2 Institute at the University of Texas at Austin in 2005. As the head of the India Program Office, Len launched the highly successful Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Program. Working with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Len’s team of innovation experts introduced the IC2 Institute’s world-class technology commercialization strategies to India. The Government of India’s Department of Science and Technology joined Lockheed Martin as program partners in 2008. Over the period of 2007-2016, the India Innovation Growth Program has helped more than 5,000 Indian innovators, inventors, and scientists to commercialize their products and services and to develop new business opportunities. According to Ernst and Young India, the India Innovation Growth Program has generated more than US$ 1 billion in economic value for India.

In 2016, Len was named to the FICCI Science and Technology Advisory Board, where he advises FICCI senior leadership on technology commercialization and innovation strategies. He has worked with FICCI in their development of innovation programs in Rwanda, Senegal, and Ethiopia.

In 2019, Len was named Senior Advisor and Chief Mentor for FICCI’s Center for Technology Commercialization (C-Tech), where he advises and coaches FICCI’s program teams in the strategy and management of strategic innovation programs across India and Africa.

Len is the founder and CEO of Guardian Payment Solutions Corp, a provider of leading-edge payment security products and services for the U.S. retail gasoline industry.

Len lives in McKinney, Texas USA with his wife and two dogs. He can be reached at


Boost Innovation Group, LLC is a global innovation consulting practice that specializes in the development and implementation of need-driven innovation programs that enhance business innovation and acceleration outcomes through effective market engagement.

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