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Jeffrey W. Amos (1997)
Project management
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Jeffrey W Amos, Ph.D., is currently the principal in Clear Oak Partners and Clear Oak Multifamily Investments, two private investment real estate portfolio companies. He was working part-time in real estate since 2002, first in single-family residences and later in multifamily projects. After engaging in over 30 single-family residential projects in Texas, Nevada, and California, he formed Clear Oak Multifamily Investments to focus exclusively on the multifamily market. He is part of the GP sponsorship team that formed two syndications to purchase and operate over 670 units in Dallas, Texas, and he has passively invested in over 1,800 apartment units. His focus now is on meeting the needs of residents as well as investors in these projects.

Dr. Amos earned his bachelor’s degree at Baylor University in engineering science. He has a master’s degree in aerospace engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. This was followed by an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering and Marketing, also from The University of Texas at Austin. There, he worked with the Agile Manufacturing Research Center and taught entrepreneurship for the IC² Institute (then in the McCombs School of Business). His work in agility, tied with organizational design, led to several consulting and research activities where he partnered with researchers from Cornell University. He left UT Austin to join Trilogy Software of Austin, Texas. The company’s focus was on large-scale front office implementations and configuration software for pharmaceutical companies. He later moved into the automotive area and joined Digital Motorworks. In 2000 he relocated to Laguna Beach, California, to facilitate programs and maintain relationships with West Coast automotive manufacturers. After Digital Motorworks was acquired by ADP, he helped it open a new service facility in Nottingham, United Kingdom. He left DMi/ADP in 2004 to form the two investment portfolio companies focused on real estate and start-up angel investments in which he remains the key principal today.

Dr. Amos served as a lecturer in business strategy and operations for the Pepperdine School of Business at the Irvine campus from 2009 to 2014. He has also been a business coach and consultant for multi-level health product companies including Jeunesse, MonaVie, and Mynt. He has focused on developing new paradigms for social entrepreneurship for the 21st century. He has developed workshops for developing business plans for a partnership between Pepperdine University and the Barnabas Group of Orange County. Dr. Amos has specialized in maintaining agility and an entrepreneurial environment for companies of various sizes, from new business start-ups to larger mainline organizations. From 2013 to 2017 he also successfully owned and operated four tax franchise locations in Lake Forest and Tustin, California. The offices focused on financial planning and tax advantages that are to be found in the small home business. Dr. Amos has served on multiple non-profit boards, most recently as Chair and then Treasurer for his home church, Neighborhood Congregational Church of Laguna Beach. He is married and lives in Laguna Beach, CA with his partner of 30 years, Todd Brooks.

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