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Don-Terry Veal (2008)
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Dr. Don-Terry Veal is the chief of staff for the president at Morgan State University. He is a national and international contributor to good governance, entrepreneurship, and the global economy. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Veal served as director of the Center for Governmental Services at Auburn University. He founded, directed and chaired international conferences on governmental excellence, the global economy, global workforce, and post traumatic stress disorders. He has also founded an online training program supported by FEMA and provided consultation for governments and financial institutions in South Korea. Dr. Veal spearheaded and directed training on intelligence and security (in collaboration with former CIA executives in Washington, DC). He also directed a partnership between Korean automotive industry in Alabama and Georgia, led applied research activities for businesses and community systems related to the recovery from disasters in the City of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Haiti, and the Deep Sea Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He has made keynote addresses on governmental transparency in London, South Korea, and India. He is an editor of several books, served as author of a quarterly column in the London Government Gazette Magazine, and has authored many articles in the area of public finance both nationally and internationally. He is an honoree in the Marquis Who’s Who in America (2010-2017) and the Marquis Who’s Who in the World (2014-2017). Dr. Veal also served as a visiting professor of public budgeting and advanced statistics in the MPA program at the University of Akron in Ohio; and an adjunct professor in public budgeting and public management in the MPA program at Auburn University. He earned a doctorate in political science at Northern Illinois University, an MPA with the University of Mississippi, and a BA with Southern University. He has a senior management negotiations training certification from Harvard Law School and a certificate in US intelligence in budgeting and public policy from Auburn University. The Korea Research Institute for Local Government has named him Foreign Honorary Fellow.

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