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Atila Ertas (1998)
complex system design
process development

Dr. A. Ertas, ​professor of ​mechanical ​engineering and ​director of the ​Transdisciplinary​ ​PhD Program on ​Design, Process,​ and Systems, ​received his ​masters and PhD ​from Texas A&M ​University. He ​had 12 years of ​industrial ​experience ​prior to ​pursuing ​graduate ​studies. Dr. ​Ertas has been ​the driving ​force behind ​the conception ​and the ​development of ​the transdisciplinary​ ​model for ​education and ​research. His ​pioneering ​efforts in ​transdisciplinary​ ​research and ​education have ​been recognized ​internationally ​by several ​awards. ​

He is a fellow ​of the American ​Society of ​Mechanical ​Engineers (ASME)​ and the ​Society for ​Design and ​Process Science ​(SDPS). He is ​also an ​honorary member ​of International ​Center for ​Transdisciplinary​ ​Research (CIRET)​, France. Dr. ​Ertas has ​earned both ​national and ​international ​reputation in ​engineering ​design. Dr. ​Ertas published ​four books: A. ​Ertas and J. C. ​Jones, ​ The ​Engineering ​Design Process, ​ Wiley & Sons, ​1st edition ​1993 and 2nd ​edition 1996; A.​ Ertas, ​ Prevention through Design (PtD): Transdisciplinary Process , (funding ​for this ​research was ​provided by the ​National ​Institute for ​Occupational ​Safety and ​Health), 2010; ​A. Ertas, ​ Engineering ​Mechanics and ​Design ​Applications: ​Transdisciplinary​ ​Engineering ​Fundamentals, ​ Taylor & ​Francis, CRC ​Press, 2011; A. ​Ertas (editor), ​ Transdisciplinarity​:​ Bridging ​Natural Science,​ Social Science,​ Humanities & ​Engineering, ​ ATLAS, 2011) ​and edited more ​than 35 ​conference ​proceedings. He ​has also ​organized more ​than 30 ​international ​conferences ​within ASME, ​IEEE, SDPS and ​ATLAS. ​

Dr. Ertas’​ contributions ​to teaching and ​research have ​been recognized ​by numerous ​honors and ​awards. He has ​published more ​than 150 ​scientific ​papers that ​cover many ​engineering ​technical ​fields. He has ​been principal ​investigator or ​co-principal ​investigator on ​more than 40 ​funded research ​projects. Under ​his supervision ​more than 170 ​MS and PhD ​graduate ​students have ​received ​degrees.​

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