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Art Markman (2005)
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Dr. Markman ​is a professor ​of psychology ​and director of ​the program in ​Human ​Dimensions of ​Organizations ​at The ​University of ​Texas at Austin.​ This program ​brings together ​the humanities ​and the social ​and behavioral ​sciences to ​teach people in ​business, ​nonprofits, ​government, and ​the military ​about people. ​He is also ​Director at the ​IC² ​Institute where ​he has worked ​on projects ​relating to ​innovation, ​incubation, and ​the factors ​that promote ​success in the ​Austin ​Technology ​Incubator. ​

Dr. Markman ​is also ​director of the ​Similarity and ​Cognition ​Laboratory in ​the Psychology ​Department. He ​has written ​over 150 ​scholarly works ​on topics ​including ​decision making,​ reasoning, ​categorization, ​and motivation. ​He explores the ​influence of ​the ability to ​form and use ​analogies on ​the way people ​generate  creative ideas. ​Dr. Markman ​also serves as ​executive ​editor of the ​journal ​ Cognitive Science .

In addition ​to this ​scholarly work, ​Dr. Markman ​brings insights ​from his field ​to a broader ​audience. Art ​is co-host of a ​popular radio ​show and ​podcast, Two ​Guys on Your ​Head, produced ​by KUT Radio in ​Austin. He  blogs for ​ Psychology ​Today, ​Huffington Post,​ Harvard ​Business Review,​ and 99U . He is on ​the scientific  advisory boards ​of the Dr. Phil ​Show and the Dr.​ Oz Show and ​serves as ​psychology site ​advisor to ​His most recent ​books for ​popular ​audiences are ​ Smart Thinking (2012), Habits of Leadership (2013), Smart Change (2014), and Brain Briefs (with B. Duke, 2016).

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