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Antonio Furino (1986)
business competition
grassroots entrepreneurship
health economics
health service research
human resource development
policy evaluation
technology transfer
workforce studies

Antonio Furino is a professor of economics in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics (Medical School), Department of Comprehensive Dentistry (Dental School), at the University of Texas Heath Science Center at San Antonio. He is associate director of the Regional Center for Health Workforce Studies at UTHSCSA. As former director of CHEP and CHWS he organized and participated in research and scholarly discussion about key policy issues (1986 Cooperation and Competition in the Global Economy, and 1992 Health Policy and the Hispanic) and led comprehensive studies on community entrepreneurship, health professions, and health on the United States/Mexico border. Currently he is engaged in the development and dissemination of Internet-based interactive education in the practice, economics, and management of dentistry.

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