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Sophie Bin Xu
​international ​financing
organization ​management

Ms. Sophie Bin ​Xu is working at Sustainalytics, a Morningstar Company. She used to be a ​consultant at ​SIET Co. Ltd. ​with core areas ​of competence ​in Environment ​Health Safety ​and Social (​EHSS) and ​Energy ​Efficiency ​Improvement. ​With abundant ​experiences in ​international ​financing ​projects, ​Sophie Xu is ​acquainted with ​EHSS regulations ​especially in ​China and is ​familiar with ​the international ​EHSS requirements.​ Educated in ​Industrial and ​Systems ​Engineering, ​Sophie Xu has ​acquired ​advanced ​knowledge and ​extensive ​experiences in ​organization ​management. ​Since 2006, ​Sophie Xu has ​worked in ​environment ​health and ​safety ​assessment, ​social ​governance risk ​assessment, ​ergonomic ​assessment and ​training, ​energy ​efficiency ​analysis, water ​project ​evaluations, ​process control ​and risk ​management, six ​sigma quality ​control, ​ergonomic ​process design, ​market analysis,​ statistical ​analysis and ​modeling, ​product and ​service design, ​graphics design,​ etc. ​

Sophie has ​provided ​services to ​China state ​owned companies,​ Asian ​Development ​Bank (ADB) and ​European ​Investment Bank ​(EIB), public ​sector, and ​multinational ​industrial ​clients such as ​Estee Lauder, ​McAfee and ​Apple. She has ​working ​experience ​mainly in China ​and Singapore, ​with travel to ​many other ​parts of the ​world. During ​her professional ​career, she has ​led multinational ​teams and her ​management ​skills have ​been well ​recognized.​

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