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Transformation of innovative economy specialists training: Challenges of the globalization, models of training, technologies of teaching, management
Publication date March 16, 2012
About the Author

We consider the actual problem of finding models of training of the professionals meeting the requirements of the modern innovative economy. The analysis of the existing approaches of the world to the constructing of models of education, as well as the analysis of the problems of training in Russia is undertaken. Requirements for a modern model of specialist training are specified. The implementation of these requirements is shown in the example of works of the Department "Industrial Economics and Organization of companies" of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (TU), which has now developed into an integrated, tested and implemented in practice system of training of specialists for the innovation economy. Designed for the faculty and staff of universities and the staff of the systems of training and retraining of industry personnel at development of directions and methods of improving the system of training of professionals for the innovation economy. Read more

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