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The Future of Branding
Publication date November 23, 2015
About the Author

New ideas change the world. From social movements to scientific discovery the power of an idea is to reshape the world, who we are and how we live. Changes in the increasingly dynamic competitive environment require a focus on what should be done, not just what is currently done. The inspiration for this book is to provide an outlet for cogent ideas that will help managers build and maintain brands in the future marketplace.The book brings the latest thinking on brand management with contributions by the leading minds in Branding. It examines the future of branding on key concepts including brand performance management, brand strategy, brand building, revitalizing brands, brand valuation, brand analysis, brand protection and brand experience. With contributions by Jean-Noel Kapferer, Kevin Keller, Don Schultz, Bernd Schmitt, V. Kumar (to name a few), the book is designated to become a classic in branding literature.Table of contentsPrefaceAcknowledgmentsI: Brand StrategySelecting the Brand Architecture to Match Your Strategy, Jean-Noel KapfererA Strategic Approach to Grow Profits: Defining, Measuring, and Maximizing Customer Value, V. Kumar and Bharath RajanBranding in Retail Lluis Martinez-RibesII: Brand BuildingBrand Identity: Brand Naming Process and Brand Linguistics in the International Context, Bernd Schmitt and Shi ZhangThe Six-station Model of Corporate Identity: Developing and Assessing the Model, Jean Yannis Suvatjis and Leslie de ChernatonyBrand Development Processes and Planning, Kevin Lane KellerManaging the Brand Experience, Bernd SchmittRethinking Brand Development in an Interactive Marketplace, Don E. SchultzLuxury Brands, Vanessa M. Patrick and Henrik HagtvedtThe Dynamics of Brand Trust, Gregory M ThomasIII: Leveraging BrandsBranding and Emerging Markets, Martin RollOpportunities and Risks in Co-branding and Licensing, Jeffrey ParkhurstBrand Revitalization, Kevin Lane KellerBrand Identity Strategy for Mergers and Acquisitions, Srinivas Reddy and Anupam JajuIV: Brand Performance ManagementThe Great Debate: Managing Brands versus Managing Customers, Werner ReinartzBrand Imperative: Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets Jeffery Andrien, Paul Benoit, and Philip C ZerrilloHidden Value of Brands: Brands in Mergers and Acquisitions, S Cem BahadirRole of Brands in Managing Innovation, Rajendra K SrivastavaIndex Read more Read less

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