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The Emerging Cross-Border Mega-City Region and Sustainable Transportation (2010 KOTI-EWC Report), The Korea Transportion Institute
Publication date January 1, 2010
About the Author

Introduction and Overview / Yoon Hyung Kim and Changhwan Mo… xiv Emerging Cross-Border Metacity in North West Europe 1_ The Emerging Metacity in North Western Europe and Policy Ramifications for Sustainable Transport Networks | Kathy Pain … 2 Comments | Roland J. Fuchs, Sung Hee Jwa, Jae Wan Hur Sustainable Transport Development Strategy of the Mega-City Regions in Europe and China 2_ Denmark-Sweden Øresund Mega-City Region and the Øresund Bridge | Anders Olshov … 50 3_ The Greater Pearl River Delta (PRD) Mega-City Region and the Hong Kong- Zhuhai-Macau Bridge | Chun Yang … 82 Comments | Jeongho Kim, Kenneth Park, Sang-Min Lee Emerging Cross-Border Mega-City Region in Northeast Asia and Sustainable Transport Development Strategy 4_ Emerging Cross-Border Mega-City Region in the Pan Yellow Sea Region (PYSR) | Hyuck-Jin Kwon … 160 5_ Newly Emerging Cross-Border “Busan-Fukuoka” Mega-City Region | Naoto Takaki … 215 6_ Sustainable Transport Development Strategy for Emerging Mega-City Regions in Northeast Asia | Changhwan Mo … 257 Comments | Kathy Pain, Anders Olshov, Gary Alan Spanovich, Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Weiguo Zhang, Xiangming Chen, Tae Hoon Oum Read more Read less

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