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Small Business Solutions: How to Fix and Prevent the 13 Biggest Problems That Derail Business
Publication date January 22, 2004
About the Author

Proven tools for solving today’s most persistent entrepreneurial headaches–and keeping the focus on business growthOperating a small business presents entrepreneurs with a continuing series of problems that need to be solved–and, usually, the smaller the business, the bigger the problems. Small Business Solutions focuses on 13 crises that crop up again and again in most small businesses, and details how entrepreneurs have identified and successfully solved them. As a longtime consultant to start-up businesses, Robert Hisrich has seen these solutions work in scores of small businesses, both in the United States and abroad. He divides Small Business Solutions into three categories–marketing, finance, and overall management–and provides market-proven solutions to problem areas in each:Sales & Marketing–Turning sales into profits, focusing a businessFinance–Raising capital, monitoring and managing cash flow, valuing a businessManagement–Choosing the right partner, changing style as a business grows, and more Read more Read less

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