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Race and Justice in America: The Civil Rights Movement, Black Lives Matter, and the Way Forward
Publication date September 26, 2021
About the Author

Race and Justice in America tackles the most enduring and provocative issues with a rare combination of intellectual sophistication and bracing realism. Featuring the writings of John Sibley Butler, Ismael Hernandez, and Kevin Schmiesing, this collection is an original and needed contribution to our national discourse.The Rise and Fall of the Civil Rights Movement Kevin SchmiesingTheories of Race Ismael HernandezDiversities, True and False Ismael Hernandez and Kevin SchmiesingGenuine Social Justice Ismael HernandezCivil Rights and Civil Unrest Ismael Hernandez and Kevin SchmiesingIs Black Lives Matter the Solution? Ismael Hernandez“Silver Rights”: Finding Future Success through the Group Economy John Sibley ButlerThe Way Forward Ismael Hernandez Read more

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