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Psychiatric Care of the Medical Patient
Publication date February 24, 2000
About the Author

This well-known text is the definitive reference work on the psychiatric care of patients with medical, neurological and surgical disorders. Physical illness often places a heavy mental burden on patients and this book is the most authoritative guide to dealing with their emotional, cognitive and behavioral problems. For internists and psychiatrists, especially those in consultation/liaison psychiatry, it is an invaluable resource. The second edition has been greatly expanded and includes 28 new chapters on such topics as parenteral administration of psychotropic drugs; psychiatric aspects of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery; cognitive therapy in medical-psychiatric patients; palliative care; religious issues in medical-psychiatric practice; psychiatric assessment of chronic fatigue syndromes; reproductive neuroendocrinology; seizures and epilepsy; psychiatric assessment of the medically ill child; pain management in children; frontal lobe syndromes and traumatic brain injury; disorders of eating in medical-psychiatric patients; headache syndromes; spinal cord injury; psychopharmacology in pregnancy and lactation; chemical sensitivity syndromes; infectious diseases; medical genetics; anesthesiology; competency evaluations; and grief reactions in children. Read more Read less

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