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Piloting Through Chaos — The Explorer’s Mind
Publication date July 11, 2013
About the Author

Piloting Through Chaos—The Explorer’s Mind presents a revolution in publishing by being the first work to cleverly integrate Smartphone technology into the realm of print. Piloting Through Chaos gives the reader embedded codes to scan with their tablet or Smartphone that brings each chapter to life with video, animation and illustrations never before seen in a printed book. Imagine reading a book and then watching video that beautifully illustrates each concept. This is the first true Living, Adaptive, Multimedia Book (L.A.M.B.™) n the market and in itself, a trip into discovery. The author presents this exciting technology by combing two books in one and expanding play and discovery between the printed word and video, giving readers a fresh way to learn about and navigate the world. Book I introduces the principle of integrity. Integrity is a basic connecting principle of the universe. It can explain what holds things together and why they fall apart. Piloting Through Chaos teaches how to apply this principle practically in a new and effective system of negotiation. Book II will appeal to adventurers and explorers of both the external and inner worlds. The Explorer’s Mind guides us through 8 interconnected realms: the Past, Wisdom, Beauty, Life Force, Discovery/Invention/Innovation, Philanthropy, the Networked Brain, and the Future. The "intertidal" zones, where these realms interpenetrate, open a treasure trove of creativity and innovation. Taken together Books I and II provide readers with a road map to a more abundant life and offer a compelling print and video guide on the journey.Endorsements“The emphasis throught Piloting Through Chaos is on negotiation, but the analysis and wisdom go well beyond that now available in the literature. This volume is a breakthrough in the use of words, thought processes and managing human behavior responsibly.”Oliver OldmanLearned Hand Professor (Emeritus)Harvard Law School“IPOs in China and Japan, inventions in clean energy, decoding Japanese negotiation strategies, incubators for creativity and innovation, the role of beauty in discovery and bringing ideas to market—Julian Gresser is a Renaissance man with an amazing array of achievements and gifts. He has written a truly original and helpful book with his own hard won understandings about how innovation can be incubated. Read it, it will enlarge your mind and you will discover your own capacity to do such things. It will grow with you and interact with your discoveries as you make them, taking them to a higher level.”John TarrantZen master, Author of Bring Me the Rhinoceros and other works“Mark Twain said, ‘You can’t depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus.’ In Piloting Through Chaos, Julian Gresser helps us to dream a better future and carefully outlines the steps needed to get there. Brilliantly written and meticulously researched, Gresser warns that we cannot achieve justice and abundance as individuals but only through collaboration, innovation, and fearless exploration of our own depths. And always, he reminds us, with kindness. Gresser is an international attorney, but also a 21st Century Renaissance Man. He is not afraid to ask the big questions and to venture new views of how technology might be an ally in our quest for a better world.”Kenneth CohenAuthor of The Way of Qigong and Honoring the Medicine“We need a cultural revolution as transformative as were the scientific and industrial revolutions. If human culture is to survive without unacceptable impacts on the planetary environment we must live differently as a culture. This means that the arts and humanities are on the front lines of collaborating with scientists and engineers, we need a ‘second renaissance’. Julian Gresser in the second edition of “Piloting through Chaos’ presents a sharply focused methodology for attacking some of the urgent problems and seizing the new opportunities.””Roger MalinaEditor, Leonardo Read more

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