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Measuring the Value of Partnering
Publication date September 30, 2012
About the Author

It enables you to hold a yardstick up to every facet of your business alliance, including productivity, decision-making, and team performance. The book points out important yet often-neglected metrics-such as how long it takes to make decisions, and when to implement damage control-showing you how to develop and use the appropriate metrics accurately and intelligently. Weaving together real-life case studies with practical applications you can readily adapt to your own organization, “Measuring the Value of Partnering” applies the everyday arithmetic of business to the art (and science) of alliance management. The book shows you how to balance the external needs of shareholders, customers, and suppliers with daily procedural concern of the newly-joined partners. Taking into account the number of diverse issues that affect alliances from all directions and perspectives, “Measuring the Value of Partnering” turns the daunting task of partnering into a readily attainable project. Packed with useful insider tips, the book helps you examine even the most complex of corporate partnerships, and use the results to achieve the greatest possible impact. The book includes measurements for everything from productivity, to decision making, team performance, and damage control, and illustrates how to develop the appropriate metrics-as well as how and when to use them. “Measuring the Value of Partnering” gives you a complete system for accurately assessing your corporate alliance, finding out what works, what doesn’t and how to pave the way to improvement. Read more Read less

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