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Marketing for Entrepreneurs and SMEs: A Global Perspective by Maja Konecnik Ruzzier (2014-01-29)
Publication date January 29, 2014
About the Author

In recent years, entrepreneurs and SMEs have been forced to adapt to a rapidly changing, increasingly globalized world, an evolution that has had a profound impact on marketing strategies. This timely volume identifies the many new opportunities available to entrepreneurs and SMEs in the global marketplace, and offers tactical and strategic marketing approaches to help them succeed in the modern business world. The book provides solutions to current marketing challenges and leads the reader through the marketing process, supported with real-life examples. Discussions of hyper competition and the opportunities arising from information-communication technology offer a deeper understanding of modern consumers and ways to create added value through products, services and other entities. The authors stress the importance of an SME’s web presence and internationalization, as well as innovation and branding processes. Additional key topics include the development of services and experiences with customer co-creation, value-based pricing using new market channels and adapted communication tools (including social media), and how these approaches can lead to increased customer engagement and improved long-term relationships. This comprehensive book will be a useful resource for both scholars and practitioners with an interest in entrepreneurship, marketing, and business and management. Read more

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