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Gary Hoover’s Retail Handbook 2016: Principles, Trends, and Giants of Retailing
Publication date June 29, 2016
About the Author

Lifelong retail student, strategist, innovator, and consultant Gary Hoover ( put three books into one in this unusual 214-page blend of text, data, and key concepts, PowerPoint style. The first section is a brief history of retail innovations and innovators. Next is a major work, "Think Like a Merchant," which covers the mindsets leading to retail success; the basic ideas about products, customers, real estate, etc.; and the business models of retailing, how their finances work and how to maximize profitability.A big third section is "Retailing Trends and Giants 2016" which goes into detail on long-term and recent trends in retail sales and profits, including analyses and comments on the largest retailers in groceries, drug stores, home improvement, department stores, supercenters, warehouse clubs, and other categories. It even includes projections on the future of ECommerce. Nowhere else will you find so much timely information and so many lists combined into one report!Gary Hoover’s Retail Handbook 2016 is ideal for retail investors and strategists, those leading or working for retail or ECommerce companies, suppliers and vendors of merchandise and technology, real estate developers, and any retailing student or enthusiast. Read more

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