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EASY LEARNING HANGEUL (KOREAN ALPHABET) for BEGINNERS: Simple and Easy Self-Study Book for Mastering Hangeul
Publication date May 28, 2022
About the Author

An easy approach to learning Hangeul (Korean Alphabet)Detailed explanation of basic syllable structureUseful tips to write accurately with handwritten examplesQR code provided for pronunciation practiceWorksheets provided for writing exercises; vocabulary selected with practical usage in considerationINTERESTED IN LEARNING THE KOREAN ALPHABET (HANGEUL)?This simple and easy learning self-study book will guide you to mastering Hangeul in no time!Hangeul is the Korean alphabet, invented by King Sejong the Great in 1443. Since its declaration to the people in 1446, all Koreans — young and old — have learned and used Hangeul thanks to its easy-to-learn capabilities.This book will guide you to learn Hangeul very effectively. It introduces all the letters you need to know as well as the basic structure of the syllables so that you can write with little to no difficulty. You can practice precise pronunciation by referring to the images of the shape of mouth and vocal organs. You can also practice listening and speaking simultaneously with voice recordings provided via QR code link.Moreover, handwritten examples will guide you away from common mistakes that plague most beginners when they first learn Korean. In the last chapter, you can practice what you have learned through worksheets, which finalize your mastery in Hangeul. Read more

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