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Chindia Rising: Implications for Global Competitiveness
Publication date October 10, 2011
About the Author

In Chindia Rising, Dr. Jagdish Sheth introduces the concept of Chindia, which captures the re-emergence of the two Himalayan demographic neighbors as economic powers. This thoroughly researched and detailed work analyzes the impact of these nations’ re-emergence on global economies, both advanced and emerging. The primary topics of discussion are: -The enormous business implications of the rising economies of China and India on other nations, particularly in the United States, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and Southeast Asia; -Major obstacles inhibiting the rise of Chindia, including need for natural resources, poverty, environmental damage, and substandard education among the impoverished; and -Real world examples demonstrating the trends and techniques behind this economic rise, including the Lenovo PC Company in China and Mittal Steel in India. Distinguished author and Professor of Marketing Jagdish Sheth has produced a thoroughly detailed yet approachable text that suggests a hopeful future for world economies in relation to the Chindia economic boom. Chindia Rising is a highly useful guide to national and international economics for students and practitioners of both business and politics. ज़्यादा पढ़ें कम पढ़ें

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