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Breakout Strategies for Emerging Markets: Business and Marketing Tactics for Achieving Growth
Publication date June 23, 2016
About the Author

Real strategies, tactics & solutions for succeeding in emerging markets nowAttract non-consumers and upscale current customersReflect local culture, tradition, and preferences across your businessMake your products easier to find, buy, and useStrengthen your brand and deliver on your brand promisesEngage and serve all your stakeholdersBuild a sustainable, profitable businessHow big is your emerging market opportunity? Potential annual consumption will hit $30 trillion by 2025, with $10 trillion in India and China alone. Emerging economies are transforming markets worldwide–attracting multinationals, strengthening domestic firms, and launching local brands onto the global stage. Best of all, there are now proven best practices for succeeding in these markets. They’ve been developed the hard way: through the experiences of pioneers who’ve learned from mistakes and listened to their customers. This book’s brand stories reflects these winning strategies. You’ll learn from high-profile leaders like Gillette, Levi’s, Starbucks, Alibaba, GlaxoSmith-Kline, and WeChat–and from great companies you’ll discover for the first time. Linking theory to practice, the authors offer expert guidance on attracting non-users, adapting products, aligning with local culture, optimizing channels, building brands, upscaling, strengthening relationships, and much more.You’ve never had an opportunity this enormous. Nobody has. Get it right–with the right advice, right from the trenches. Emerging markets offer the biggest growth opportunity in the history of capitalism. This practical guide offers a comprehensive, strategic marketing perspective tailored to these new markets. Leading experts demonstrate how companies can succeed both today and tomorrow, no matter what happens in the global economy. Breakout Strategies for Emerging Markets integrates insights drawn from the authors’ extensive primary research worldwide, their pioneering academic research and case development, practical consulting and management experience, and their conversations with industry leaders on several continents.You will learn about the experiences and actions of both local and global enterprises in industries ranging from consumer goods to entertainment, apparel to finance. The authors share new insights for attracting non-users by developing products, aligning with local traditions, upscaling, selecting channels, financing, brand messaging, using e-commerce, building relationships, and more.Discover how to…Convert non-users: Optimize acceptability, affordability, accessibility, and awarenessCreate “functional Fusion”: Adapt products to blend western and local elementsDesign “cultural fusion”: Embed local tradition, history, language, and tasteDemocratize the offer: Make products more affordable, financially and psychologicallyUpscale the offer: Upgrade choices and experiences across the income spectrumManage reach: Get your channels and supply chains rightReinvent reach: Leverage revolutionary channels and payment methodsBuild brand identity: Align your brand essence with your customer’s experienceEngage stakeholders: Serve the needs of every entity you touch Read more

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