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Publication date October 20, 2014
About the Author

"Jagdish’s autobiography tells a fascinating life story in a few hundred pages of what it is to be, in one person, a scholar, change agent, advisor and entrepreneur, in other words, a Renaissance Man." Philip KotlerThe Accidental Scholar is the autobiography of Professor Jagdish N. Sheth, a renowned scholar and one of the foremost authorities in the world on marketing and consumer behaviour. This is the fascinating story of a young man from India who went to America to realise the American Dream and became a world-renowned educator and thought-leader.Professor Sheth tells us about the many interesting encounters and opportunities that came along the way that shaped his path to success. While Indian (specifically Jain) culture and family defined Professor Sheth, coming to America enabled him to realize his full potential. Like many who immigrate to the United States and thrive, Professor Sheth knew that becoming a scholar was only one part of his dream come true. The other was to help others realize their dreams as well. Professor Sheth recalls how the steps he took, people he met and opportunities he was afforded were all pieces of the puzzle. Readers will enjoy seeing how these pieces came together in the end.Table of Contents:Foreword Philip Kotler Preface Acknowledgments The Journey Begins My Family Business A Literal Change in Course Garnering Support for College Manufacturing or Bust Finding My Life Partner Graduate School and Marriage Discovering My Passion John Howard Takes Me under His Wing Madhu Comes to America An Invitation to the Indian Embassy Doctoral Exams amid Pitt’s Financial Collapse Testing the Howard–Sheth Theory Columbia and MIT Mining the Library for Research Gold Contributing Howard–Sheth Theory Scholars Columbia’s Scholarly Dream Team Obtaining My Green Card Defending My Dissertation at Pitt MIT and My First Tenure-track Position Publishing, Lifelong Friendships, and My First Car Networking Leads to Opportunities From Columbia to India and Back Returning to the Buyer Behavior Project Finalizing the Howard–Sheth Theory Key Columbia Colleagues Noteworthy Students Returning to India Teaching in Kolkata Major Research Projects Returning to Columbia A New Beginning Farewell to Important Colleagues and Friends Lure of Illinois Illinois: My Academic Life The Accidental Administrator Recruiting for Our “Field of Dreams” The Unconventional Approach Pays Off A New Challenge: Creating an Executive MBA Program Corporate Collaborations Proved Key New Opportunities via APA and ACR Looking to the Future Illinois: Travels at Home and Abroad Measuring the Howard–Sheth Theory Takes Priority Corporate Consulting Study Yields Real Results Diversion to Copenhagen Illinois: Professional Work and Departure The Institute for Advanced Technology Comes Calling The Start of My Publishing Career Leaving Illinois A Mid-life Crisis From Cornfields to Palm Trees Requesting a Leave of Absence Committee Work Expansion USC CTM and Atlanta The Telecom Center Venture Los Angeles Loses Its Appeal Why Move? New Challenges and a New Center Talent Recruitment for Emory Establishing the Center for Relationship Marketing Creating the Marketing Consulting Strategy Program Emory: Administration and Academics Committees Introduced Important Changes Leadership Changes Lead to New Emphasis Creating Emory’s Doctoral Program My Professional Life Establishing IN-CORE More Publishing for the Professional Market Geoeconomics Business Book Review Breakthrough My Role as Corporate Board Member Remaining Active Saying Thanks by Giving Back The Sheth Foundation Supporting Eminent Scholars Madhu is My Backbone Madhu’s Resolve Epilogue Appendix-Publications Index Read more

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