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TANDO Fellows (authored or edited) publications, magazine and leading academic journals, plus major books written by our renowned Fellows from around the world.
Case studies
Global venturesmarket entry strategies
International entrepreneurship
Cases in International Entrepreneurship
This anthology is an unique collection of cases profiling new venture creation in the global environment. The selecti...
Cellular Radio Technology
Mobile Networks
Personal Communications
Cellular Radio and Personal Communications: Selected Readings
A collection of papers on the cellular and personal communications field, many of which have been used to teach a fir...
Chemical propertes
Mesomorphic behaviour
Molecular structures
Chalcone Group Based Liquid Crystal Compounds: An Overview
Liquid crystals are unique functional soft materials which combine both order and mobility on a molecular, supramolec...
Children learning together
Digital Age
Media literacy
Children and Families in the Digital Age
Children and Families in the Digital Age offers a fresh, nuanced, and empirically-based perspective on how families a...
Academic research
Advertising issues
Regulation for children's television policies
Children and Television: Fifty Years of Research (Routledge Communication Series)
This seminal volume is a comprehensive review of the literature on children's television, covering fifty years of aca...
Child development
Communication and speech
Media violence
Children Communicating: Media and Development of Thought, Speech, Understanding (SAGE Series in Communication Research)
A collection of essays on how children relate to each other, how they interact with the media, how their cognitive sk...
Emerging markets
India and China
Investment opportunities
Market expansion
Chindia Rising
Advance Praise Eye opener! Shifted my thinking about China and India's global impact' - Philip Kotler, Ph D S. C. Joh...
Economics transformation
Global competitiveness
Trade and invesment
Chindia Rising: Implications for Global Competitiveness
In Chindia Rising, Dr. Jagdish Sheth introduces the concept of Chindia, which captures the re-emergence of the two Hi...
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