The Extraordinary Think And Do (TANDO) Tank

Cooperative Arrangements With These Organizations

We have MOUs, or the equivalent, with these organizations, for strategic reasons. We are in talks with still more potential partners.

  • Autonomy Institute, Austin, USA, with its expertise in smart infrastructure, complements TANDO’s capabilities in the Gaiapolis project.
  • ELITE Innovation College, Cambridge, UK, is an academic partner.
  • St. Edwards University, Austin, USA, will be a partner on the Austin Gaiapolis and a collaborator on many other projects.
  • Woosong University, Daejeon, S. Korea. We are awaiting a signed MOU, initiated by TANDO Fellow and Woosong U. President Deog-Seong Oh.
  • WTEF (World Talent Economy Forum) , formed by Fellow Sharif Uddin Rama, on videocasts and grant projects in South Asia.

Do You Know of An Organization?

Let us know if you think there is an organization we should reach out to for a possible MOU or partnership.

TANDO Appoints New Fellows

Join us as welcome new Fellows to TANDO Institute. Our legacy Fellows (from the UT-Austin years) have recommended new Fellows and many have been appointed in the past few months.  New appointees bring youth, diversity, and exciting new ideas to our mission. We hope they’ll share TANDO’s mission and philosophy with their communities.

Follow us on social media as we continue to grow and keep our mission alive.  You’ll find interesting posts that include what many of our Fellows are up to.  TANDO’s LinkedIn page

We invite you to donate to our mission as we bring new and innovative ideas to the communities in which we live.  If you think your community is ready to move to the next level in planning for the future, drop us a line and let’s talk.

Join Us For Our Monthly Videocasts

Our occasional topical videocasts are now on a regular schedule, though we may take the summer off. (Stay tuned for final word on that.) We have agreed to take over, once/month, the videocasts for which TANDO Fellow Sharif Uddin Rama has built up a worldwide audience. These are on the Streamyard platform (not Zoom), will take place on the third Saturday of the month, and will be preserved on YouTube.

Recent topics have been “The Future of Universities” and “Toward a New Economics for the Age of Crisis.” Our chats allow us to listen to voices from around the world, brainstorm with our new and old Fellows, and start using our talks in new and exciting ways (and we love that).

Look for the latest topics and times in TANDO Bits. Even better, send us what you’d like to hear about world renown experts, and we can organize that.

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