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Lincoln – 25 August 2012


Still Linkin!

Linking to noteworthy articles from other blogs and websites.

When Tradition Trumps Truth by David Crabb

The average Christian church runs largely on tradition.  But traditions must never be invested with the authority of God’s truth.

What’s wrong with Christianity in America?


The Missing Ingredient in Many Sermons by Erik Raymond

Guys can be exegetically sound, communicate with clarity, illustrate with profundity, and then at the end of the sermon it tastes like grandma’s meatloaf: somewhat filling but not so memorable.

Ten Things About Church You Should Know by Kevin DeYoung

There is no sin in making little mistakes of spelling or grammar. We all make them. But in case you wanted to know (you probably don’t), or in case you wanted to mention it gently to someone else (more likely), here are ten tiny things to keep in mind as you lead in worship, prepare the bulletin, or just converse about the church service.

Does Christianity “Work?” by Dan Phillips

If you are asking, “If I do what you tell me the Bible says I should do in the way God says I should do in how I approach my work, will I have a stable job that will give me a financially secure future?”, I can’t make any promises.

Blessings by Laura Story

To Witness or Not To Witness? by David Roach

Q: How soon does God expect me to share the gospel with non-Christian friends and acquaintances? Am I being disobedient by just building a relationship without talking about Jesus?

A: This dilemma confronts most every Christian at some point.


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  • Bob F

    You posted this on 8/25? You could not wait one more day and post on my birthday (8/26)? LOL BTW, love the Still Linkin posts. Always filled with interesting info. Keep them coming.

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