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Lincoln – Special Christmas Edition


Christmas Linkin!

Linking to Christmas-related articles from other blogs and websites.

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Today, for the Christian haters of Christmas, I give as my gift my answers to the most common questions from those that object to the celebration of Christmas

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Minister Risks Jail to Read Christmas Story by Jennifer LeClaire

“I was told I could hold sheet music, an instrument or camera in my hand, but if I hold a Bible or small Nativity Scene that would be considered a ‘prop’ and cause me to face arrest or citation.”

Ten Ways to Bring the Gospel Home this Christmas by Jonathan Parnell

A few thoughts from a fellow bungler to help us think ahead and pray about how we might grow in being proxies for the gospel, in word and deed, among our families.

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by GlassDuo (HT to Dan Phillips)

Merry Christmas!

To my dear readers,

I would like to wish you and your  family a very happy and memorable Christmas.

The whole reason we celebrate is to  commemorate the greatest gift ever given. Christmas is the time to honor Jesus  of Nazareth, God the Son, the Son of God, who was born in human flesh to live among His creation  for a few decades. What he did, during what we would consider a very short life,  was to teach us to love God and one another, to take our sins upon him, and to  cover us with His perfect righteousness so we can once again be in full  fellowship with God the Father now and forever.

If you only half-heartedly believe  this, or don’t believe it at all, please think about it for a few minutes.  Consider the fact that all of us will die someday and how many toys we have  really doesn’t matter. Consider the fact that there is no way for anyone to  live a life good enough to qualify for even a moment in the presence of a  perfect, Holy God. The only way to earn a place in heaven is to live a perfect,  holy life, and none of us can do that. But if you believe Jesus (not just  believe IN Jesus) and turn away from your sins, God will look at your sinful  life and see Jesus’ perfect life. Jesus’ work on the cross has assured all  believers of this.

Everything else you may have been  told that you have to do in order to gain heaven is extraneous. Repent and  believe that Jesus is Lord and you are saved – by grace alone through faith  alone, not by works. No other religion in the world teaches this, grace is  unique to Christianity. Grace is the best kind of gift because none of us  deserve it. What a wonderful gift! God loved us so much that he sent his Son to  defeat death and sin, and give all believers the undeserved gift of eternal life  in His presence.

May the blessings of Christmas be upon all of you.


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