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Alphabetical Blog Compendium

This is a listing of some of my favorite Christian websites. It turned into an alphabetical list almost accidentally, but it was fun to try and fill in all the letters. I was forced to take liberties with one letter (X) and stretch the integrity of some others. I usually hit B, C and P on a daily basis.

Most of the sites are blogs and most are active. As far as I can tell, all these sites are written or maintained by theologically solid Orthodox Christians; no guarantees though.

May your faith be enriched and strengthened by reading them.


Alpha and Omega Ministries –

Biblical Christianity:


Desiring God:

Eddie Eddings (Calvinistic Cartoons):

Fighting for the Faith:

Gospel Coalition:

Heartcry Missionary Society:

Inverted Planet:

John MacArthur:

Killer Robot Ninja:

Ligonier Ministries:


New Demonstration:

Ordinary Pastor:



Red Meat for the Soul:

Sovereign Grace:

Truth for Life:

Underdog Theology:

Village Church:

White Horse Inn:

X (Nathan W. Bingham):

Young, Todd :

Take Your Vitamin Z:

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